Italian Pizzeria - Palmetto Bay

Welcome to La Mora Italiana Restaurant!

Founded in 2015, we are a family-owned and operated pizzeria and restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes in Palmetto Bay.

La mora italiana is a restaurant and pizzeria formed by a italian family from verona, a beautiful city in the north italy and famous for the love story of juliet and romeo. Our family has an experience with restaurants that goes back to 1958. Our grandparents opened a small osteria and they handed us over the most important and high quality italian recipes which we offer to our customers.

For us is important the quality, the use of good products and authentic Italians. Our products are natural and fresh.

We have the wood oven that gives a particular taste and different at the pizza. The pizza dough is made by us and also It has a natural leavened. It is made the day before for the day after to be served to our clients after the right leavened. All of this is made in front of everyone’s eyes. 

If you come to see us on Wednesday you can enjoy live music meanwhile savoring a glass of wine at your choice at only $4. 


Come and visit us and you will discover the Italian joy, friendliness and spontaneity. 

In ours restaurant and pizzeria you will feel like at home.

We organize birthdays, baptisms, weddings, graduations and more.


We are waiting for you!

Homemade Pizzas

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No need to go as far as Italy to taste delicious Italian food! Head to our pizzeria to satisfy all your cravings for scrumptious pizzas.

Originally from Verona Italy, we recently arrived at Palmetto Bay to provide our new neighbors with the best Italian meals from Italy. At La Mora Italiana Restaurant, we are committed to providing the most delicious and healthy meals to our customers.

Gourmet pizzas that are both satisfying to the stomach and soul»

Authentic Italian Flavors & Fresh Ingredients

Here at La Mora Italiana Restaurant, we serve exquisite Italian dishes that have been prepared using authentic recipes and flavors right from Verona, Italy! Whether you are hungry for a Margherita pizza or a spaghetti alla Carbonara, we take you on a culinary adventure that will blow all your senses! We specialize in a variety of Italian dishes and have an assortment of irresistible wines to accompany your favorite meal.

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Home deliveries to your doorstep

Why Choose La Mora Italiana Restaurant?

Delicious and healthy meals

Organic and fresh ingredients used

100% homemade, prepared in-house

Extensive wine menu selection

Authentic recipes from Verona, Italy

Home deliveries and catering services available

Business Hours

Monday 4 PM-10PM

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 4 PM-10PM

Thursday 4 PM-10PM

Friday  4 PM-11PM

Saturday 10AM-11PM

Sunday 12 PM-10PM

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